Aloft, hand-embellished canvas giclee


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This canvas started as a 15"x30" archival giclee reproduction stretched on 1.5" deep bars. I then went back over the entire thing with layers of oil paint, creating a one-of-a-kind painting.
This scene is from outside of Cortez, Colorado. I witnessed this big flock of blackbirds alighting from the tall grasses of the pasture, and couldn't help but be captivated by the juxtaposition of those who are bound to the Earth, and those who can simply take to the sky. This canvas is ready to hang, and will ship for free within the contiguous US.

Image of Henrietta Ornament
Henrietta Ornament
Image of Gwen Ornament
Gwen Ornament
Image of Harold Ornament
Harold Ornament
Image of Bunny Ornament
Bunny Ornament
Image of Oliver Ornament
Oliver Ornament
Image of Linnea Ornament
Linnea Ornament
Image of Roxanne Ornament
Roxanne Ornament
Image of Sweetpea Ornament
Sweetpea Ornament
Image of Pistol II Ornament
Pistol II Ornament
Image of Juniper, Original painting
Sold out
Juniper, Original painting
Image of Roxanne II original painting
Sold out
Roxanne II original painting
Image of Mack, Original Painting.
Mack, Original Painting.
Image of Pistol Print
Pistol Print
Image of Martha, Original Painting
Martha, Original Painting
Image of Hazel and Olive Print
Hazel and Olive Print
Image of Arlo Smiling - Original Painting
Arlo Smiling - Original Painting
Image of Diego, Original Painting
Diego, Original Painting
Image of Sebastian Print
Sebastian Print
Image of Arlo- Original Painting
Arlo- Original Painting
Image of Sweetpea, or The Inescapable Passage of Time - Original Painting
Sweetpea, or The Inescapable Passage of Time - Original Painting
Image of The Road to Water -Original painting
The Road to Water -Original painting
Image of Kitty, Original Painting
Kitty, Original Painting
Image of Loyal Lab Original Painting
Loyal Lab Original Painting
Image of Linnea Print
Linnea Print
Image of Redford Print
Redford Print
Image of Pistol II Print
Pistol II Print
Image of Fiona Print
Fiona Print
Image of Maggie Print
Maggie Print
Image of Coco II Print
Coco II Print
Image of Las Vacas de Oaxaca Print
Las Vacas de Oaxaca Print
Image of Hansel Print
Hansel Print
Image of Harold Print
Harold Print
Image of Love in Montezuma County print
Love in Montezuma County print
Image of Augustus Print
Augustus Print
Image of Arlo Print
Arlo Print
Image of Sammy print
Sammy print
Image of The Defenders print
The Defenders print
Image of Pablo Print
Pablo Print
Image of Mimi and Lorna print
Mimi and Lorna print
Image of Rabbit print
Rabbit print
Image of Ever print
Ever print
Image of Nuzzle Print
Nuzzle Print
Image of Rabbit in Profile print
Rabbit in Profile print
Image of Mona Print
Mona Print
Image of Marigold Print
Marigold Print
Image of Fernando Print
Fernando Print
Image of Jasper Print
Jasper Print
Image of Belle Print
Belle Print
Image of Louise Print
Louise Print
Image of super rainbow unicorn baby love bull prints
super rainbow unicorn baby love bull prints
Image of The News About Michael
The News About Michael
Image of NEW 6x6 Prints
NEW 6x6 Prints
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