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East View Original Painting


  • Image of East View Original Painting
  • Image of East View Original Painting

This is a brand new 12"x36" oil painting on a wooden panel. Ready to hang, it brings a calming presence and a bit of nostalgia to any room.
These gals are from a dairy farm I visited in Virginia on my farm tour two Springs ago. I love their shapes and patterns, and the somewhat abstract nature of them on the hill.
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Image of Diego, Original Painting
Diego, Original Painting
Image of Pistol, original painting
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Pistol, original painting
Image of Hansel Original Painting
Hansel Original Painting
Image of Lucy the Llama painting
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Lucy the Llama painting
Image of Redford Original Painting
Redford Original Painting
Image of Esther, Original oil
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Esther, Original oil
Image of Eternal Summer original painting
Eternal Summer original painting
Image of Fernando Original painting
Fernando Original painting
Image of Jake painting
Jake painting
Image of Buttercup Original Painting
Buttercup Original Painting
Image of Ernie Brown Painting
Ernie Brown Painting
Image of Ellie Original Painting
Ellie Original Painting
Image of Romulus Painting
Romulus Painting
Image of Gwen, Original oil
Sold out
Gwen, Original oil
Image of Vincente painting
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Vincente painting
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