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Goldie, Prosperity Fish


  • Image of Goldie, Prosperity Fish
  • Image of Goldie, Prosperity Fish

This is Goldie, she is a Feng Shui prosperity fish, to be placed near the entrance way to your home or office. According to Feng Shui principles, a goldfish placed near the door and facing into the room will allow money to swim in.
While naturally I can't make any promises, I can say that there's a fish at the door of my studio, and another at the door to my home, and that most of my friends have fishes too. It's a thing.
Goldie is framed in a 4"x6" frame, she's oil and acrylic on heavily textured watercolor paper. I met this fish years ago in the home tank of a dear friend who had a love of exotic gold fishes. She'll make you smile, and I'll ship her to you for free, as long as you're in the contiguous 48.

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