Sweetpea, or The Inescapable Passage of Time - Original Painting


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24"x24" oil painting on 2" deep wood panel. This Hereford was grazing in the late afternoon sun last Autumn, just a quarter mile from my house. I drove by on the way home, parked the car, grabbed the camera and walked back to the pasture. I had never seen cattle in this field before, and when I went back the next day to take more photos, the entire herd was gone.
This painting expresses a a calm moment at the end of the day, and gazing into these eyes offers endless reflection. You'll be warmed by her glow, and find yourself gravitating towards her friendly face, just as I have for the last several months while she was in my studio. She feels special, too special to name. Her beauty is nostalgic, almost heartbreaking in its simplicity. Clearly I love this painting, and I know that the person who gets to live with her will love her too.
She is ready to hang and ready to ship, and will ship for free within the contiguous US.

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