About the artist

In the Summer of 2005 I packed up a car and headed west, out of my home state of New Jersey and towards a place I envisioned would be the desert. I landed in Durango, Colorado, and have finally understood what it is to love where you live.

Seven years ago I joined up with Studio & Gallery, an artist-owned gallery, workspace and gathering place for artists and ideas of all sorts. On a weekly basis you can find me painting there, or hanging a show, but otherwise I am home, creating art in a cabin just outside of town. 

All of my life, animals have been the thing in which I have found the most joy. They are absolutely beloved by me, every one of them. When I was twelve I vowed lifelong vegetarianism in their defense, and 26 years later I'm all in.

I paint portraits of animals I meet around southwest Colorado; when I travel the back county roads to search for a pasture, or am lucky enough to be invited to a local farm or ranch for a visit. I am a believer in kind treatment of all living things, and I give 10% of my proceeds to animal rescue and protection organizations.

Some of the ones I love are Peaceful Prairie Farm Animal Sanctuary, The Gentle Barn, The Rooster Sanctuary at Danzig's Roost, Farm Sanctuary, Giraffe Conservation Foundation and The Jane Goodall Institute, among many more.

Through my work, I am intending to create a portrait which honors the subject, but I am also intending to create an image that brings joy, promotes kindness and hopefully creates a connection of some type. Because I believe that kind and joyful connection might be what it's all about.