About the artist


In the Summer of 2005 I packed up the car and headed west, out of my home state of New Jersey and towards a place I envisioned would be the desert. I landed in Durango, Colorado, and have finally understood what it is to love where you live.

All of my life, animals have my biggest source of joy. They are absolutely beloved by me, every one of them. I'll lose hours to watching a fox stalk something in the woodpile, or a squirrel stuffing his cheeks with fall grasses to line his winter nest. It just mesmerizes me, the natural world, and I want to be more a part of it.

I am a believer in kind and gentle treatment of all living things, from the soil on up. I am happy to support those animal rescue and protection organizations who work tirelessly every day and night to change the lives of so many neglected and abused animals.  Some of my favorites are Iowa Farm Sanctuary, Peaceful Prairie Farm Animal Sanctuary, Giraffe Conservation Foundation and The Jane Goodall Institute, among many more.

Through my work, I am intending to create a portrait which honors the subject, but I am also intending to create an image that brings joy, promotes kindness and hopefully creates a connection between the viewer and the painting. Because I think that kind and joyful connection is really what it's all about.