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Angel is a miniature zebu, a species of cattle, who was lucky enough to be taken in by Iowa Farm Sanctuary after being born without the use of her back legs.
(Interesting addition: they had a cart made for her so she could get around, and The Dodo made a short documentary about her, which you can see here: )

Anyhow, she's got a great life out there, where she hangs out in the grass and gets constant adoration from anyone and everyone passing by. And that included me on a hot July morning last year. We sat together in the lawn, I scratched her head a lot, and took a bunch of pictures. This is the one that made it into a painting... those eyes!

This piece is 16"x12" and painted on a 1.5" deep wood panel. Sides are painted to match the background.
Ready to hang, ready to ship.
She'll delight you.

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