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  • Image of Pistol Print
  • Image of Pistol Print

Pistol is a hilarious little donkey I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with, and trust me, this face will add joy to your day every time you see it. His owner says he is "serious about fun", and you'll see it in those eyes.

The original painting is sold, but the print is now available as both a paper and a canvas reproduction. They look a tiny bit different, so there is a different product page for the canvas option.

This archival fine art paper print of Pistol is 9"x18", with an approximately 1" wide border around all sides. Below the image, in the white space, is written the title, and signed by me. This can be included or excluded in framing.
The paper print will ship in a tube through USPS, at no charge to you.
You can expect to receive the paper print in about 7 business days from when you order.

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