Poppy Block Print cards and journals

$6.00 - $15.00

  • Image of Poppy Block Print cards and journals
  • Image of Poppy Block Print cards and journals

These cards and journals have been hand-inked and printed on a press, by me, after carving the blocks with a little gouge tool. Block printing is essentially carving a stamp into a surface, in this case a rubber plate, and then inking up the plate and stamping something. In this case, it is actually four plates that I've carved, one for each color, and when they layer on top of each other, you get a 4-color block print.
5"x7" cards are $5, and blank inside.
5.5"x8" Journals are $15, also blank inside, they are Moleskine brand Cahier journals. (there are only six journals available)

Because these are completely hand made, there are minor variations in each of them. Sometimes the ink is a slightly different color than shown, because I mix the ink colors like paint. Sometimes the plates didn't line up just perfectly, and if you examine it, you can see that. These cards and journals are simply meant to make you smile, or feel awe at the astounding beauty of nature.

In stock, ready to ship.
Shipping is $3 whether you buy one or ten.

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